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Novus Imaging is an environmentally focused, grand format printer and ink company pioneered by industry veterans.We pride ourselves on developing and bringing to market innovative, state-of-the-art products that are cost effective and forward-thinking in design and performance. Novus Imaging customers are realizing up to a 50% reduction in ink usage over standard Binary Drop Printers. This savings through advanced technology is just one of the benefits seen with our technology.

Our Mission:

"To construct an environment in which individuals are inspired and energized to drive innovation and exceed customer expectations. It is this key principle that drives everything we do."

Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy

Novus was built on a foundation of quality, productivity, customer support and eco-friendliness. The company is focused on supporting the profitable growth of its customers’ businesses with outstanding service and sustainable products. In an industry that has seen large, impersonal conglomerates consume smaller, more customer focused companies, Novus Imaging, Inc. understands how important it is to have a partner that treats its customers as its number one priority.

Manufacturing Philosophy

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Novus understands that in order to manufacture products of outstanding quality we need to control our manufacturing process tightly. To us that means keeping the engineering team closely involved with the entire process from design, to manufacture, to end user. Keeping the Manufacturing in easy reach of Engineering, and vise versa, has ALWAYS been key to success in this industry since it inception in the late 1980s.

Industry News

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Greyscale and Beyond, Our friends at Dimatix have provided us with a very informative white paper on the benefits of greyscale print technologies.